A self-hosted, simple and pragmatic app hosting platform for the many.

In the past decade or so there have been more and more ways to package and make accessible services and apps to bigger audiences. Infrastructure automation, containers, clouds and so on became way more evolved and accessible. If not too long ago your way to deploy a service to a server was to ssh to it, transfer files somehow and then start the service now most of these things are possible without even logging in to a machine, one way or another. You can package your app in a container image and have immediately multiple ways to run that on a server.

However this didn’t come without a cost.

These tool, although often very powerful, are generally designed, built and needed by a limited amount of companies in the world. Is no secret that an average company doesn’t have the same scalability needs (both organizational and in terms of clients) that Google, Facebook or Netflix have.

You can use Kubernetes to deploy your app somewhere but you’re inheriting something designed and built to solve a problem that most likely you do not have. AWS or similar, have tens of different bolts and knobs you can use to build practically anything.
Throughout the years all sorts of different architectural patterns had individuals and teams doubt whether that app they have shouldn’t be instead a collection of tens of little services. Why stopping at a service, let’s get smaller and just deploy functions.

Layers of layers of complexity and, in some cases, convoluted platforms to then still deliver the same end product.

Those teams that focus and enjoy on solving end-users’ problems are left with either using a colossus built for someone else or handcraft something that is more simple that perhaps fits better their needs.

Here’s where Makina comes into play.

Makina is a pragmatic and opinionated platform to deploy apps and services starting from a container image, to a deployed service in seconds.
It supports deployment and orchestration of Docker containers on your own server, with peace of mind.

From hobbysts to agencies or small product teams, Makina can help you get your app online reliably so you can just focus on building.

Makina is in active development and if you’re interested in updates and testing it leave your email here and I will keep you posted. No other use will be made of that email.

If instead you want to reach out to me directly, drop me an email.


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